Tang Bars

Why we need Tang Bars in Vault Room?

  • A banker’s strong room is fortified by the specially designed Tang bars, which strengthen the Vault wall and make them practically impenetrable against the attack by heavy tools. Guardwel Tang bars are made from 230mm wide 3.15 mm nominal thickness steel sheet and are stamped in the form of a double comb. The taper shaped tang bars resist pulling attempt during attack on concrete wall due to twisting prior to embedding in the concrete.
  • A Guardwel special machine twists the Tang bars to radiate the tangs in all directions. Tang bars can be laid in single, double or triple row pattern as per the classification requirement of the Strong Room and laid in staggered manner. Guardwel can offer complete supervision service for laying the tang bars in compliance to the requirements of Code of practice for construction of Vaults.
  • Double combed, twisted Tang bars are a must for fortification of any Vault room or currency chest and offer the best resistance in case the Vault wall comes under attack. Guardwel can offer complete supervision service for laying the tang bars on request. Detailed specifications for all the above products are available on demand.
tang bars

Tang Bars Features:

Reinforcement is made from mild steel strip to form a double comb structure. The weight of a Single Tang Bar is 5.66 kg. The comb strip is twisted into cylindrical shape, forming fangs in all directions. These fangs overlap and interlock each other and are distributed in walls, roof and floor in a way that they defect incoming drill giving resistance to burglary attempts made on vault room. The tang bars are laid horizontally in one, two or three rows. These material are clean in 7 tank process and painted with epoxy paint.